Expressercize Publishing is exclusive to the work of Mónica E. Gómez - award-winning writer and poet, teaching artist, motivational speaker, performing songwriter, humorist, student and teacher of the martial arts. Through this website, you can…

Learn about Expressercize: Write Answers - Mónica's new creative writing workbook - and
how it can help you discover yourself and have fun in the process.
Schedule speaking engagements or writing workshops to educate, entertain and inspire.
View the calendar of events for upcoming workshops and presentations.

Mónica developed the Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook over more than a decade of teaching a wide variety of programs on creativity and the arts, writing and self-expression, relaxation, and personal development to the general public as well as to a variety of special populations, including…

Incarcerated juveniles and adults, and students in alternative programs discovering that
their voices matter.
Gifted and talented students exploring their creativity and channeling their energy.  
Military, law enforcement personnel and other individuals diagnosed with Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder (PTSD) and tasked with processing life events.
Psychiatric patients actively seeking answers to intense personal crises.
Recovering alcoholics/addicts searching for their own truth.
Abused women and children learning to process difficult circumstances.
Elementary through university level education staff and faculty, and other professionals
seeking enrichment and revitalization through In-service Trainings and Character
Development Seminars.
Writers' groups, senior/retired citizens, public and private schools.

The Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook offers exercises that are self-explanatory, easy to follow, and suitable for individuals or groups of all writing levels. You do not need to be a skilled or experienced writer to use the workbook.

The Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook is centered in the belief that all people - regardless of diverse circumstances - share the same eternal struggle to maintain mental and emotional balance while dealing with issues of family, society and self. Serious issues - like mental illness, addictions, unhealthy relationships, etc. - affect many of us personally, if not first-hand then through someone close to us.

The Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook can help users to…
process current circumstances,
improve understanding of other people's realities,
resolve past experiences, and prevent or avoid difficulties in the future.
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