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In accordance with Texas State law, collects sales tax in all states. Sales tax is applied to the total amount of the order and is based on sales tax rates for El Paso, Texas.

Placing a Sales Tax-Exempt Order:

Libraries, schools, not-for-profits, and other qualified groups and individuals may place a sales tax-exempt order once we have your tax-exempt certificate on file.

If you place an order without a certificate on file, we will hold your order for up to 72 hours until we receive and verify your certificate. If we do not receive your documentation within 72 hours, we will process and ship your order with the applicable sales tax.

Provide your tax-exempt certificate by FAX to 915-833-8804, or to send it electronically, use the form below. 
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General Information:
You will only need to send us your tax exemption certificate the first time you place a tax-exempt order. Once that certificate is on file, you may place other tax-exempt orders with no additional steps. A certificate is only valid for books shipping to the specific state for which it was issued. If you are shipping to a different state or to multiple states, you may need to fax us additional documentation.
Individuals from the same organization must each supply a certificate the first time they place an order. That certificate number is attached to each customer's account for application to future orders.
If there is no tax-exempt number listed on your tax-exempt certificate, or if your state does not issue tax-exempt certificates, please send or fax your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) instead.
Students must send or fax a copy of their student identification in order to receive a sales tax credit on eligible products. Students should not enter their student identification number or any other number during checkout. Student sales tax credits can only be applied after the order has already shipped.

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