Through dynamic workshops, author and teaching artist, Mσnica Gσmez, introduces the Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook as a tool for connecting effectively with diverse populations. Her workshops are ideal for anyone charged with guiding others through growth and learning…

• Teaching professionals - elementary through college entry level - in regular education,   
  gifted and talented or alternative programs;
• Corporate trainers in mentorship and leadership development;
• Mental health professionals, counselors and group leaders dealing with psychiatric issues,
  addiction and recovery, grief and loss, and PTSD;
• Detention and Correction Officers in juvenile and adult facilities;
• Activity coordinators for libraries, community and senior centers;
• Leaders of creative writing and/or personal development workshops.

The Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook is a single-user workbook that encourages each participant to engage with and respond to the exercises in the space provided. The workbook evolved over many years of working directly with…

• Elementary through college entry level regular education students;
• Gifted and talented students in advanced programs;
• Incarcerated juveniles and adults, and students in alternative programs;
• Elementary through university education staff and faculty in-service trainings;
• Corporate personnel in personal and character development sessions;
• Military personnel diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
• Psychiatric patients;
• Recovering alcoholics/addicts;
• Hospice personnel and family members;
• Families in battered women's shelters;
• Retirees and low-income seniors;
• Writers' organizations.

Now, anyone who works with these same populations can acquire fresh and effective strategies for engaging groups in thoughtful, animated discussion and productive creative writing exercises that enhance both the teaching and learning experiences.

Attending a workshop is the way to begin exploring how the Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook creates a participatory environment that facilitates teaching and learning in the areas of…

Literacy -
• Overcoming resistance to personal expression;
• Improving writing and communication skills;
• Using language as a creative medium;
• Enhancing expression through the five senses;
• Building confidence in personal interactions and presentations.

Higher Order Thinking Skills -
• Improving critical thinking, values clarification and personal ethics;
• Examining and challenging fixed beliefs;
• Honing cognitive skills needed to think artistically and creatively;
• Defining one's sense of self and promoting independent thinking;
• Encouraging engagement with relevant social issues.

Personal and Character Development -
• Recognizing and managing stress;
• Supporting positive behavior modification;
• Connecting unconscious behaviors with conscious decision-making;
• Improving internal balance through the concepts of yin and yang;
• Enhancing aesthetic education (the ability to make sense of art and the world at large).

Add the Expressercize: Write Answers Creative Writing Workbook to your collection of teaching tools. Workshops can range from two-hour intensives to multiple-day retreats. Contact us to discuss what will best suit your institution's needs.
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